India in Nutshell

It was amazing to see the different shades of India on that table. We were 4 Indians, with some French, Canadian and South American people. They dropped a question : “how it is in India?” “How life looks like?”… Rain of opinion was tropical. I was listening: one Indian replied “It’s pretty cool now, have good jobs, infrastructure and can get stable life!” And yes… “we still have to work on freedom of expression but we have increasing population of intellectuals.” Another headbrow on the table was updated with numerical data and supported the previous opinions by throwing big numbers. “Drinking is acceptable and woman surely matters as better half in the society” then more facts about “booming IT industry, international trades, improved life standards and the list went on. Then they turned to dark side of the moon by mentioning “poverty, safronisation, corruption etc… ” Then energy expert didn’t forget to mention “how we can move to renewable energy and create more jobs and growing economy”.

It was wonderful to hear the heated discussion and see their depth of curiosity and knowledge about India. I will never deny several facts mentioned by them… but I was quite disturbed to realize that we were not living in same India.

The aggressiveness in your experiences and opinions clearly depends on if you have “lived” that life or “read” that life.

(Post still in progress!)

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