Inspiration humiliates saudade !!!

That day, sitting by river side, a nice breeze, the cold water curling around my feet, I was listening to the song of dancing water with the symphony of dropping leaves from huge trees. Air struggling to invade my smooth hair and eyes looking at clear blue sky with hope and compassion. What an evening it was!!!

I heard foot steps ..just from behind the tree.. That grabbed my attention … And the eyes started looking to the direction of sound… a figure wearing bright prince silk , with curly hair , green eyes and proud chest… walked towards me. That eagle from his shoulder stepped down gently to my arm… He looked at me …. I saw an ocean.. a chaos… There was calmness like at the middle of sea… But there was strong high tides at the corner… Drowning in those eyes, felt like finally a river met to the destined ocean…

He offered his strong palms to me. I felt the gentle firmness in his hold. We were close… Now air was struggling again to find a way between us… His skin was all over around me.. That touch offered so much… Care and a NEED of care. Now I could listen his tunes of breathing… His exhale created new genre of music.. I always wanted to hear… It was beautiful ! Wind got little stronger…my long dress in the direction of wind… Finally I was having wings ..felt so strong and important…

When his lips touched mine… Every element from the nature celebrated that first kiss with us.. Every sound wave.. Every colour and every creature..

And then I opened my eyes… The eagle flew away.. It went so far I barely could see him.. I looked back to those eyes again… It started stepping away from me… I saw his strong figure fading away.. He was fading so fast… I couldn’t even ask who was he.. He kept walking away, looking towards me… After he just disappeared.. Like he never existed.. Like nothing happened …

I still have traces of his skin on my skin… His fragrance around my neck.. I still hear music of his breath..

I saw wind became clam, songs from birds, songs from water… ceased… Evening was walking towards darkness… And my dress surrounded me again… I was standing still …

I closed my eyes.. Felt like a pin in heart.. And there … I heard a sound saying … “Wait a little… It will be shiny morning soon with the same breeze, with same symphony ” … !!!

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