Wrath about PSUs

When I realized that how candidates prepare for these exams. They study numerous topics from history to geography, math, science,politics, current affairs and so on.. They have burn themselves in this process of remembering the facts and numbers, basically store what you can and as much as you can.

If we closely isn’t it is a memory test? But shouldn’t it be more than that? Considering complex Indian society, the officials should be able to comprehend and conquer variety situations. So just memorising the facts and number will help to do their job?

The personal qualification should clearly depend on decision making abilities, how the official can handle the pressure and conspiracies, how he answers the communal chaos, what his ideology. Its is a Challenging job and the preparation of the competitive exams should structure them to handle it. Preparation process itself can be made motivating to change and progress. Isn’t it time to reform these exams and make them more realistic than testing the memory capacity of the brain?

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