My search

I just moved to Ireland and at this point I have lost the count where I had to pack my bags and start all over in new place, new country! Whenever I move to new place, I search for a friend, a kind smile from strangers on the road and so on..

Search of a warm glance beneath my brown skin

Search of someone discovering chaos behind my shiny smile

Search of a friend handing over toilet paper at the bathroom door 3AM in a pub night

Search of a companion sharing his half beer after my drunk demand

Search of a friend tangling my dress after my wild dance on the dance floor

Search of a mother hearing the true meaning behind “I am fine”

Search of a father interrogating my every boyfriend and ending up sharing his favorite whisky

Search of a brother hiding my joint during my mother’s raid for forensic search

Search of a society looking beyond my skin color, my funny dress and my amusing accent

Search for his touch of lust carefully wrapped in love and care

Search for a house with full of books on the shelves, venyle at the corner, wine on the wooden table and smothering cosyness

Search for a garden where flowers laughing together and symphony by a dancing at in the cold breeze

Search of a chunky smile from passing by grandmother implying “YES! you are one of us”

And finally search of ME resting on the river bank under the tree

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