Here I start all over again

This was based on my constant moving and unpacking my bags in a new country ! Hi how are you? I just moved to this country and you? Here I start all over again Long hunting for a house, figuring utility, filling the form of socialist paradigm Here I start all over again Wearing brown … Continue reading Here I start all over again

My search

I just moved to Ireland and at this point I have lost the count where I had to pack my bags and start all over in new place, new country! Whenever I move to new place, I search for a friend, a kind smile from strangers on the road and so on.. Search of a … Continue reading My search

When a bird visits his nest !

Every bird has to leave his nest if he has a dream to fly high. They say, if you wish to fly high with great aspirations, it is dangerous to entangle himself to shrubs on earth with emotional force. It is an impediment to achieve what you desire. I am at home after almost one … Continue reading When a bird visits his nest !

A Journey

I always admired a poem by Maya Angelou, "why caged bird sings.. Because it has a song to sing". I chose to sing my song so Loud and with so much of intensity that I could see the bars around me melting down. Now I understood, what Maya really wanted to stay. I breath freely … Continue reading A Journey

Wrath about PSUs

When I realized that how candidates prepare for these exams. They study numerous topics from history to geography, math, science,politics, current affairs and so on.. They have burn themselves in this process of remembering the facts and numbers, basically store what you can and as much as you can. If we closely isn't it is … Continue reading Wrath about PSUs

Inspiration humiliates saudade !!!

That day, sitting by river side, a nice breeze, the cold water curling around my feet, I was listening to the song of dancing water with the symphony of dropping leaves from huge trees. Air struggling to invade my smooth hair and eyes looking at clear blue sky with hope and compassion. What an evening … Continue reading Inspiration humiliates saudade !!!

India in Nutshell

It was amazing to see the different shades of India on that table. We were 4 Indians, with some French, Canadian and South American people. They dropped a question : "how it is in India?" "How life looks like?"... Rain of opinion was tropical. I was listening: one Indian replied "It's pretty cool now, have … Continue reading India in Nutshell