This project work gives some introduction about the fundamental aspects of the LQG/LTR control theory, and it shows an application option through an example. The movement of an aircraft can be modeled with a linear time invariant dynamic system, which must be controlled by a flight controller. This work contains the synthesis and analysis of the stability and other qualitative control parameters of the flight control with the simulation using MATLAB 7.0.
Here for the synthesis of LQR/LQG, we consider a CESSANA-180 model of aircraft. We use data for the same model for deriving the responses for different aspects like pole placement, regulator design etc.
The traditional Linear Quadratic Regulator and Linear Quadratic Gaussian method has been quite popular for aircraft control system design. In the proposed method we derive an optimal control law to minimize a generalized linear quadratic performance index to achieve better recovery quality in the LQG process and better some performance in time-domain responses..
Finally, the numerical simulation of an optimal lateral control system for an CASSANA-180 aircraft demonstrates the proposed method can provide good robustness and performance properties in time domain responses.