The demands for rapid changes in power generation is increasing. This leads to
more stringent requirements on the control systems for the processes.
Boiler is drawing signicant attention in community of process control and
instrumentation, as far as its eciency and control is concerned.In this perspec-
tive, pilot plant of boiler is operated using many control ends with variety of
control strategies so that resultant solution can be practically implemented to
industrial unit operations. Experimentation is carried on pilot plant of Electri-
cal Boiler and pipe in pipe type counter current heat exchanger to test better
controllablility. Both pilot type unit operations are available after undergoing
tedious commissioning and erectioing procedures of installation. During this
period,installation,calibration and testing for all transmitters and actuators are
completed as rst phase.Multiple control ends are achieved by making a system
available to programming logic controllers, distributed control system as well as
to simulation softwares. The networking of controlling a single plant through
these many controllers started from the basics of MODBUS and Ethernet IP
protocols and then their conguration in local controllers, their hardware re-
quirements are accomplished. During these assignments, challenges regarding
hardware capacities, constrained resources are handled with the help of guidance
of experienced industrialist and discussion forums.Thus we can have a compar-
ative study of all controller ends and solution for better eciency for both unit
operations, which is applicable to industry grade operations.
Under the project of Virtual Labs (funded by MHRD), java compilers are
developed where pilot plants are controlled using user friendly frontends. These
frontends exchange data using MODBUS protocol which is tested thoroughly
on serial port monitoring softwares. The functional blocks for programmable
logic controller (PLC) and distributed control system (DCS) are designed and
tested rigrously.Thus one more additional control end is available with pilot
plant to undergo with various control strategies and making them available to
comparative studies with industry developed controllers.
Thus student has the benet of experimenting dierent control strategies on
a single plant with PLC,DCS, MATLAB as well as virtual PLC and DCS with
local controllers without any compromise in safety . A provision for observing
and logging data for passive master controllers is also available so that other
students who are not performing experiments can observe active master and
obtain data and can to accomplish assignments of data based modeling,system
identication etc. This kind of facility is a denite add on for students to educate
themselves and enhance their abilities to sustain and grow in professional world